What’s in a voice?

When the words need to sound believable, the voice needs to convey much more…

To deliver a message, to express a passion, to evoke an image or brand, to stand out from the crowd…


That’s when people come to me!


Need an American English VoiceOver?
Eliot Coe is one of the most versatile voices around and was a popular radio personality. He has narrated dozens of films and presentations, commercials, multimedia productions, audiobooks, promos, and multimedia games.
Ex-Jazz Director of WSND-FM, senior anchor for INN TV news, news anchor on i24 news, Eliot Coe broadcast on several radio stations hosting weekly jazz shows, broadcasting current events, and was even acting station weatherman! His voice was also heard from “somewhere in the Mediterranean” in the good ol’ “pirate radio days”!


Eliot is also an accomplished copywriter and screenwriter. He specializes in “transwriting” – translating and rewriting texts into English so that their length and flow are natural and not mechanical like many translated scripts tend to be.

Необходим американский английский VoiceOver?
Элиот Коу является одним из самых универсальных голосов вокруг и был популярной личностью радио. Он рассказал десятки фильмов и презентаций, рекламных роликов, мультимедийных постановок, аудио книг, промо и мультимедийных игр.


Экс-директор Джаз-FM WSND, старший якорь для новостей ИНН ТВ, Элиот Коу транслироваться на нескольких радиостанциях, где он принимал еженедельные джазовые концерты, транслируются новости и даже действуя станции метеоролог! Он также слышал, вещание в “пиратский радио дней” от “где-то в Средиземном море”.

Benötigen Sie ein amerikanisches Englisch Voiceover?
Eliot Coe ist einer der vielseitigsten Stimmen um und war eine beliebte Radio-Persönlichkeit. Er hat Dutzende von Filmen und Präsentationen, Werbung, Multimedia, Audio-Bücher, Promos und Multimedia-Spiele erzählt.
Ex-Jazz Direktor WSND-FM, Alter Anker für INN Fernsehnachrichten, ausgestrahlt Eliot Coe auf verschiedene Radiosender, wo er gehostet wöchentlichen Jazz Shows, Broadcast-Nachrichten und sogar handeln Station Wetterfrosch! Er war auch zu hören rechtlichen Rundfunk in den “Piratensender Tage” von “irgendwo im Mittelmeer”.

Besoin d’un anglais américain VoiceOver?
Eliot Coe est l’une des voix les plus polyvalents autour et était une personnalité de la radio populaire. Il a rapporté des dizaines de films et des présentations, des publicités, des productions multimédias, livres audio, des promotions et des jeux multimédias.
Ex-directeur de Jazz de WSND-FM, ancrage principal pour les nouvelles DCI TV, Eliot Coe diffusé sur plusieurs stations de radio où il a accueilli des spectacles de jazz hebdomadaires, diffusé les nouvelles et a même agi gare météorologue! Il a également été entendu radiodiffusion dans les “jours de radio pirate” de “quelque part dans la Méditerranée”.

Necesitas un americano Inglés VoiceOver?
Eliot Coe es una de las voces más versátiles de todo y era una personalidad de la radio popular. Ha narrado docenas de películas y presentaciones, anuncios publicitarios, producciones multimedia, libros de audio, promociones y juegos multimedia.
Ex Director-Jazz de WSND-FM, ancla Senior de noticias INN TV, Eliot Coe difundido en varias estaciones de radio en la que acogió espectáculos de jazz semanales, transmitió la noticia y fue incluso actuando meteorólogo de la estación! También se escuchó la radiodifusión en los “días de radio pirata” de “en algún lugar en el Mediterráneo”.



미국 영어 VoiceOver를 필요하십니까?
엘리엇 코 주위에 가장 다양한 목소리 중 하나이며 인기 라디오 성격이었다. 그는 영화와 프리젠 테이션, 광고, 멀티미디어 제작, 오디오 북, 프로모션 및 멀티미디어 게임의 수십 서술하고있다.
WSND-FM, INN TV 뉴스 수석 앵커의 전 재즈 이사, 엘리엇 코, 그는 매주 재즈 쇼를 개최 여러 라디오 방송국에 방송 뉴스를 방송하고 심지어 방송국 일기 예보를 연기했다! 그는 또한 “어딘가에 지중해에서”에서 “해적 라디오 날”에 방송을 들었다.

Precisa de um americano Inglês VoiceOver?
Eliot Coe é uma das vozes mais versáteis ao redor e era uma personalidade de rádio popular. Ele narrou dezenas de filmes e apresentações, comerciais, produções multimídia, livros de áudio, promoções e jogos multimídia.
Ex-Diretor de Jazz WSND-FM, âncora sênior de notícias INN TV, Eliot Coe transmitido em várias estações de rádio onde ele hospedados programas semanais de jazz, transmitir a notícia e foi mesmo atuando estação meteorologista! Ele também foi ouvido radiodifusão nos “dias de rádio pirata” de “em algum lugar do Mediterrâneo”.
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צריך קריינות אמריקאית / אנגלית?

אליוט  כהן הוא אחד הקולות המגוונים ביותר בסביבה והיה אישיות רדיופונית פופולרית. הוא קריין עשרות סרטים ומצגות, פרסומות, הפקות מולטימדיה, ספרי אודיו, פרומואים ומשחקי מולטימדיה.

אליוט הוא מהמייסדים של ארגון הקריינים בישראל ובעבר היה המנהל תוכניות הג’אז של WSND-FM, בארה”ב, היה גם מגיש חדשות טלוויזיה בכיר ב-INN , וקולו גם נשמע מ- “אי שם בים התיכון” בימי הרדיו הפירטיים הטובים.

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These are some of the things our clients have to say:
Eliot, thanks again for the great job. Your price was fair, the results were excellent and the turn-around time was quicker than we needed it!
Y. Yavin CEO
Eliot has tone quality and energy, authority, enthusiasm, passion… Eliot served a production advisor and talent on numerous projects over the years, meeting quality, time and budget constraints.
G. McQuay Managing Partner
Eliot, Thanks for the quick work.
The final film turned out great.
Thanks again!
Richard H.


How do we begin?

It is very easy to get a great voice track.
Contact me via email, form or Skype
It is best to include the text, even if it is not the final version (don’t worry – I keep everything in strict confidentiality even if you do not use our services).
I will email you a quote and completion time based on your preferences.
You then send me the final text for recording. I record it and send it back to you via a download link.
You transfer payment easily and with complete security via credit card or PayPal.
That’s it!

Do you offer any other editing services?

We normally record pure narrations (i.e. voice recorded text without background sound or music) as a single sound track. If required, we can separate the recording into separate files and/or add background sounds or music at additional cost.

Do you record exclusively in your home studio?

No! I am called in many times to major studios for recording projects. The advantage of my home studio is the speed and cost-effectiveness I can offer.

What is the advantage of using you?

Well, firstly, you have to feel that the voice is right for you. Granted, I am very versatile and can deliver a voice in many fashions, accents and timbres… If you like the way I sound, the main advantages are price, quality and turn around time.


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